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Wood County Hospital Guild and Klotz Floral have had a wonderful partnership

For 48 years, the Wood County Hospital Guild and Klotz Floral have had a wonderful partnership, brightening the yards and homes of local residents.

In 1973, the relationship began with the Geranium Sale. The Guild utilized its representatives to sell tickets for advanced geranium sales. Geraniums were also sold on the grounds of the hospital. This annual sale became a large part of the Guild’s fundraising efforts, so the sale expanded to include a wider variety of flower choices, as well as hanging baskets. The options were displayed in tents on the front lawn of the hospital. In 1984, the tent and many of the lovely flowers blew over from a large storm, causing the sale to move to the Klotz Floral Design & Garden Center greenhouse on Napoleon Road the next year, in 1985.

In 2014, Klotz added an area with tables and chairs, so the Guild began holding its Annual Spring Luncheon there. Speakers discussed different varieties of flowers and provided how-to lessons. Following the luncheon, Guild members kicked off the week-long sale where a portion of the Guild member’s sales was donated to the Guild. Since the beginning, Klotz has earned over a $100,000 through these sales and donated a portion back to the Guild.

Klotz is closing their doors at the end of June 2021 and made their final donation of $1,300 to the Guild. The business began in 1918, and four generations of family members and their spouses kept it going. The Guild will miss this partnership, the smiling faces of Rita, Gene and Eric Klotz, and their beautiful plants. We wish them the best in the future.