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Wood County Hospital Employee to Appear on Jeopardy

Julie Reynolds

Julie Reynolds, medical transcriptionist in Radiology at Wood County Hospital recently learned that persistance pays off. As a child, Julie and her mother faithfully watched Jeopardy and she dreamed about appearing on the game show one day.

Several years ago she decided to take the online test to see if she could qualify as a contestant.

“I successfully took the online test three times where you have to answer correctly 35 out of 50 questions,” said Julie. Finally her name was placed in the drawing pool for audition spots and in July of 2011, Julie went to Lexington, Kentucky to audition for the game show. Following her successful audition, Julie’s name was put in the contestant pool where it remained for 13 months until she was notified in August 2012 that she would be a contestant. Julie had five weeks to prepare for the show. “I put my life on hold so that I could study for the show,” said Julie. “I am strong in literature and sciences, so I chose to study areas I was weak in such as Constitutional amendments and world capitols.”

Julie’s colleagues in Radiology chipped in to help her study. Fellow transcriptionist, Pat Davis helped her with memory techniques. “Dr. Carter Genson rounded up some folks in Radiology to be contestants with me and he played Alex Trebeck,” she said.

Finally, Julie’s wish came true. In September 2012 she flew to California to participate in a taping of the game show. Although Jeopardy rules don’t allow Julie to reveal the outcome of her Jeopardy game, if you want to see what happens, please mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 2 at 7:30 p.m. on WTOL, Toledo 11.