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Welcome to Childbirth- Online class

Whether you are awaiting the birth of your first child, planning to have children in the future, or simply seeking to refresh your memory for a subsequent birth, this unique program teaches valuable information and critical childbearing skills.

Childbirth: a Multimedia Course and Resource Kit was co-authored by a group of professionals in the field- including a family medicine physician with an obstetric specialty and a registered nurse, both mothers of small children. The lessons begin during the last weeks of a pregnancy. They then proceed step-by-step through the three stages of labor.

Each labor lesson identifies what to expect and uses specialists to teach coping techniques. For example, a physician discusses the best positions for delivery, while a nurse demonstrates pain relief options during contractions. Further lessons describe and model post-partum care for new mothers and their babies. Techniques for baby feeding and breast care round out the courseware component of the program.

To learn more on this class, contact Jennifer Tansel, RN, childbirth educator by phone at 419.373.7665, or email her at tanselj@woodcountyhospital.org.