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Sports Medicine: 3 Common Orthopedic Procedures for Sports Injuries

Every year in the U.S. an average of 8.6 million sports-related injuries are reported, according to the CDC. This number is on the rise as more people recognize the importance of physical activity, leading them to get involved in some kind of sports-related activities.


Fall is one of the most popular times for sports, as the weather lends itself well to sports of all kinds. As more people get involved in these activities, the number of sports-related injuries in the fall also continues to rise.


While there are varying degrees of sports-related injuries, in some cases, surgery will be needed to repair the damage. Below you will find 3 common orthopedic procedures for sports injuries.


ACL Reconstruction


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is found in the knee. The most common ACL injuries occur in sports that involve a lot of change in direction, such as soccer, football, basketball, etc.


While ACL tears do not always require surgery, oftentimes they will require an ACL Reconstruction. In this procedure, the damaged ligament is replaced with new ACL graft tissue, which is either taken from the patient or donated from someone else.


Rotator Cuff Repair


Found in the shoulder, a rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons. Working together, this group of tendons and muscles hold the arm in the joint and help the shoulder joint to move. Rotator cuff injuries generally occur in sports that require throwing, such as baseball, football, volleyball, etc.


To repair a damaged rotator cuff, an orthopedic surgeon will re-attach the tendons to the bone. Small rivets are often used to help attach the tendons to the bone as well.


Cartilage Restoration


Whether through injury or deterioration from age, when the articular cartilage in the knee is damaged, it can lead to significant pain. This can start as a crack or fissure in the knee that can continue to progress and worsen, leading to nearly all of the cartilage being damaged.


Cartilage restoration will resurface, realign and stabilize the knee after this articular cartilage damage. This procedure is very effective for patients under 50 and can help avoid a joint replacement.


The fall weather makes it the perfect season for participating in sports-related activities. Regardless of your age or ability, there is always the chance of a sports injury. While this should not deter you from getting involved, understanding the different orthopedic surgery procedures for sports injuries can help you make an informed decision should you injure yourself.


If you are injured during a sports-related activity this fall, contact us at Wood County Hospital immediately.