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Non-Medical Factors To Consider When Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Choosing a primary care physician should be a well thought out decision. This could be the doctor you and your family see most often over the next few decades, so you need to be sure you choose the right one.


While the majority of your decision should be based on the medical care provided by the physician, there are also non-medical factors to consider.




Most people do not want to travel an hour every time they visit their primary care physician, so it is important to think about where a doctor is located before making a decision. Depending on your age and if you have a family, you could be visiting your primary care physician once a month or at times even more. If the doctor is located far from your home or if they are hard to access, you may want to consider other options.


Equipment and Facility


In order to truly provide the highest level of service, the doctor will need appropriate equipment. When it comes to tests and screenings, you want to be sure you are being tested with up to date equipment. You may also want to consider the atmosphere of the office. Do you feel comfortable? Is it clean? Is it easily accessible?




You are choosing a primary care physician, but you will also be interacting with the staff at the office. From the nurses to the receptionists, you will want to be in an environment that promotes positivity and provides a high level of customer service. You will be interacting with the office staff as much as the doctor in most cases.


The primary care physician you choose will be your partner in health. Before you choose, consider all of the factors to make sure you are completely comfortable with all aspects of the doctor, the office and the experience.