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March WOW Award Winner - Nancy Messenger

The WOW Patient Experience Initiative recognizes team members who engage with patients/families, visitors and employees in exceptional ways, providing a superior level of commitment and reflecting the values of Wood County Hospital. Nancy Messenger, Welcome Center Coordinator, was selected as the March WOW award winner for going above and beyond.

It was an ordinary Monday at the Welcome Center when an elderly gentleman arrived, visibly distressed and seeking assistance. Struggling to articulate his needs, he approached Nancy Messenger, Welcome Center coordinator, at the main desk with a simple request: to call a taxi for a ride to Perrysburg. Nancy dialed and let him communicate directly with the service. However, the situation quickly became complex as the gentleman faced challenges conveying his location and destination to the taxi service. He hung up, confused and upset, without a solution. 

Without hesitation, Nancy assured the gentleman that she would ensure he found a ride home. Nancy made several phone calls until she successfully connected with Black and White Taxi, securing the gentleman's transport to Perrysburg.

As the gentleman patiently waited for his ride, Nancy sensed his discomfort, provided him with a glass of ice water and made sure he was comfortably settled on a bench. She kept an eye on the him and watched for the taxi.

She made sure he was safely in the taxi and equipped with enough funds for his fare. Her actions not only provided practical assistance but also offered a sense of comfort and reassurance to an individual in a stressful situation.

Reflecting back on that day, Nancy shared, "I just wanted to make sure he got home safely. It's all about helping others when they need it and helping them have a good experience when they are here."

Nancy has been a part of Wood County Hospital for 31 years. Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Nancy moved to Bowling Green to pursue a career in healthcare. Starting in Rehabilitation Services as an occupational therapist, she later transitioned to roles at the Welcome Center and Lifeline. What drew Nancy to WCH was the sense of community and the opportunity to contribute to improving people's health. She finds fulfillment in helping patients and families navigate their healthcare journey, ensuring they have a positive experience and receive the care they need. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys spending time with her family and friends and finding joy in the simple moments shared with loved ones.