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June WOW Award Winner – Danette Futey

The WOW Patient Experience Initiative recognizes team members who engage with patients/families, visitors and employees in exceptional ways, providing a superior level of commitment and reflecting the values of Wood County Hospital. Danette Futey, environmental services technician, was selected as the June WOW award winner for going above and beyond for a patient’s family member in need. When Danette saw a patient’s family member near the hospital cafeteria, she noticed they appeared shaky and in need of assistance.

Danette approached the family member, asking if they were okay and if they needed anything. Concerned with their response, Danette then asked if they had diabetes. The visitor responded that, yes, they do and that they were unable to get food from the cafeteria to help regulate their blood sugar, as they had forgotten their wallet at home by mistake. Danette brought the visitor back to the cafeteria, getting them something to eat and paying for it herself. The visitor was overwhelmed with gratitude and started feeling better after they were able to eat.

If you see an employee providing a WOW patient experience, nominate them by completing the WOW form located on the intranet and submit it to HR. On the nomination form, give specific examples of how the employee provided a WOW experience and how their efforts in going above and beyond had a positive impact.