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How can Physical Therapy Help Surgical Patients Recover?

Surgical procedures can take a major toll on your body. From weight loss procedures to orthopedic surgery, recovery after surgery can be difficult. After surgery, a surgeon may recommend rehabilitation treatments. If you have an upcoming surgery, it’s important to understand the value of physical rehabilitation. This article will cover some of the benefits physical therapy and rehabilitation can provide after surgery.


Speed up the recovery process. After surgery, your body will need time to heal and repair itself. Physical therapy can help your body recover more quickly than it would on its own. Your surgeon may start you on rehab treatments shortly after the procedure is done. Depending on the procedure, you may actually start moving around the same day of the operation. Overall, physical therapy treatment can promote a quick recovery and shorter hospital stays.


Help regain mobility. When you undergo a surgical procedure, it will likely take some time to regain all of the mobility you had prior to the surgery. Because of this, physical therapy may be necessary to regain mobility and get back to doing daily activities like walking and exercising. Getting started early on walking and regaining strength while in the hospital will improve your ability to return and home and return to previous activities.


Aid the body in healing. One of the most common reasons a surgeon may recommend physical therapy is to ensure the body heals properly. Rehabilitation treatment will help retrain muscles and ensure the surgical area heals quickly and efficiently. If a surgical patient does not undergo physical therapy, they may experience more pain and a much slower healing process than those who participate in physical therapy.


Physical therapy after surgery can offer patients a variety of benefits. From restoring joint movement, to building strength, to alleviating pain, patients can have a quicker, more effective recovery period by participating in surgeon-approved physical therapy exercises.