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How Can Patients Benefit from Robotic Surgical Procedures?

While the thought of having surgery can be scary, surgical procedures, if needed, can significantly improve your health and well-being. In fact, procedures like bariatric surgery can help people lose weight — and losing 5%-10% of your weight can help reduce your risk of heart disease. With today’s technology, surgical procedures are easier than ever. This is especially true thanks to robotics. How exactly do robotic surgical procedures benefit patients?


Increased control: One of the most important aspects of a procedure is that the surgeon has complete control. While most surgeons are skilled on their own to complete procedures accurately, robotics can further enhance their control in the operating room. When using a robotic system, the surgeon can simply move their hands as if they were physically performing the procedure, but allowing the robot to do the work.


Better view: When surgeons perform procedures, they may have limited view of the affected area. In tight spaces, it can be difficult for surgeons to complete procedures. With the help of robotics, surgeons have greater visualization during procedures. The robot’s instruments are able to reach into tighter, harder-to-reach areas with ease. This allows surgeons to complete the procedure with greater accuracy and less risk of damage.


Smaller incisions: Some procedures require a larger incision but robotic surgery can help minimize the size of the incision for certain procedures. This not only allows patients to have a smaller scar, it can also help reduce blood loss. Surgeons are able to enter the body through a number of small incisions which can reduce risks of complications and allow for a quicker recovery time.