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Harper's Journey

In April, Halle and Derek Mangas joyfully welcomed their first child, Harper, into the world, tho due to pregnancy complications, the family had to pivot and Harper was delivered at St. V’s. At birth, Harper weighed only 4 lbs. 15 oz.

Shortly after, at just five days old, Harper received her primary follow-up care from Dr. Michael Lemon at Wood County Medical Associates. It was during this visit that concerns arose regarding Harper’s weight gain, and Halle was facing difficulties with nursing. Recognizing the need for specialized support, Dr. Lemon referred Halle to Lactation Counselor Dawn Miller, RN, who is part of our Obstetrics team here at Wood County Hospital.

Halle promptly brought Harper in for an evaluation and breastfeeding assessment. The assessment revealed that Harper was experiencing challenges with suck/swallow coordination, a common issue for premature infants.

By fostering close collaboration between Wood County Medical Associates, the lactation team, and Speech/Language Pathologist Betsy Suzor, MA CCC-SLP, a comprehensive plan of care was developed for Harper. This close-knit partnership among the three service lines ultimately led to a positive outcome for little Miss Harper and her family.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals involved for their exceptional collaboration and outstanding care, which made a significant difference in Harper’s well-being and her family’s experience.