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Free Prostate Screenings for Men

Wood County Hospital is offering free prostate screenings for men in the community on Thursday, November 3 from 8 to 11 a.m. in the Wood County Hospital Medical Orrice Building, 960 W. Wooster, Suite 107. The screening will include a PSA blood test and a digital rectal exam. Faheem Ahmed, MD, oncologist will be performing the physical exam. Pre-registration is required. Call 419-373-4162.

Prostate cancer has surpassed lung cancer as the leading form of cancer in American men. Men have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer if they are 50 years old or older, are African-American, or have a father, brother, or son who has had prostate cancer. But, with screenings such as those provided by Wood County Hospital, more and more cases are being detected in the early stages. Statististics show that 58 percent of all prostate cancer cases are detected while the cancer is still localized and at its most curagle stage. The average age of a man with the disease is 72.