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Charles Green recently moved back to Bowling Green from Tampa, Florida, and ran into health issues. He began having a lot of chest pain and needed to find out the cause. Mr. Green visited seven physicians before he found Dr. Drew Nowakowski.

He met with Dr. Nowakowski, and Charles shared that the first thing he noticed was that Dr. Nowakowski listened to him. He didn’t jump to conclusions or a diagnosis and made sure he understood Mr. Green’s symptoms. He said the doctor was more like a friend as he listened and helped him feel at ease. The conversation concerned Dr. Nowakowski, and he felt Mr. Green needed to visit the ER.

After the visit to the WCH Emergency Department, Mr. Green shared that he could not believe how quickly they tended to him and how attentive the nurses were to him and his needs. He shared, “Big cities don’t have those things. Where I came from, hospitals and physicians didn’t have the compassion they do here.”

Since he began seeing Dr. Nowakowski regularly, Mr. Green is feeling better than he has in years. Dr. Nowakowski has also introduced him to Dr. Frame, the Falcon Health Center’s Chiropractor and acupuncturist. Charles has had neck and back pain for years from a past fall. After a month with Dr. Frame, he shared he has mobility back in his neck. Charles is now starting acupuncture with Dr. Frame to quit smoking.

Mr. Green shared that he was experiencing a rough time in his life and felt that he had no one to turn to for help until he met Dr. Nowakowski and the team at Falcon Health Center. He wanted to thank Dr. Nowakowski for his compassion and support and the fact that the doctor took the time to learn about him and guide him to the appropriate treatments. He feels better than he has in years.