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Expanded Services in Child Development

This month, Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Child Development Center and the Center for Child Development at Wood County Hospital have partnered to expand care by adding clinical psychologist, David Michalec, PhD, to the treatment team at Wood County Hospital.

Starting on February 7, Dr. David Michalec will provide monthly psychology services for the WCH Center for Child Development. Having local psychology expertise allows for additional access and diagnosis of intellectual disabilities for children served by the WCH Center for Child Development.  

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Michalec partner with the Center for Child Development Team. He brings a wealth of expertise in addressing developmental problems and autism spectrum issues in children to our program here at WCH. This illustrates one of the key advantages to our partnership with Nationwide Children’s. That is creating local access here for families to pediatric subspecialists.”  – Stan Korducki, President, WCH 

Dr. Michalec provides evaluation, consultation and treatment for children suspected of having autism spectrum disorder and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Dr. Michalec is also the psychologist for the Prader-Willi team at Nationwide Children’s that offers an individualized approach to diagnose and treat possible complications that can be associated with Prader-Willi syndrome. He is also a clinical associate professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

The WCH Center for Child Development has a dedicated staff, nurse and two nurse practitioners – Cheryl Jacobs C.P.N.P., P.C.M.H.S. and Bethany Brikmanis APRN-CPNP, with specialized training in behavioral development. The Center for Child Development also works with Dr. John Duby with Dayton Children’s who provides monthly telehealth consultation services. The expansion of services with  

Nationwide Children’s providers will allow the Center to assist children with complex cognitive skills, especially children with limited verbal abilities and second opinions for Autism.   

The Center for Child Development at WCH providers also have access to local child psychiatric services and developmental behavior psychology. The Center offers ADOS evaluations and the Ready Program’s kindergarten preparedness program is located on campus to aid children with Autism successfully transition into school. There is a large need for developmental pediatric services in the area and Wood County Hospital is working to bring added child development services to the area.