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Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment: What to Know About Immunotherapy

Today’s medical technology has had significant advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy treatment and cancer radiation treatment have proven to be immensely effective in treating cancer. However, there is something new in the world of cancer treatments. Let’s explore a few interesting points about immunotherapy.

What Is Immunotherapy?

The body’s immune system is designed to find and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, cancer cells have figured out how to “hide” from the immune system, and they go unnoticed which allows them to spread in the body. The immunotherapy “jolts” the immune system awake, and makes it harder for cancer cells to hide. This helps the immune system find and fight cancer cells. A cancer specialist can provide immunotherapy drugs that may help fight the cancerous cells.

What Kind of Immunotherapy Treatments Are Available?

There are up and coming immunotherapy treatments being developed every day. One immunotherapy treatment option is checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs work by blocking the proteins cancer cells can use to hide from the immune system. By blocking these proteins, cancer cells are no longer good at hiding, and the immune system can find them and fight them off. There are other types of immunotherapy, as well. Like other forms of cancer treatment, not all methods of immunotherapy work for all types and cases of cancer, and your cancer doctor will tell you if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

A cancer diagnosis can range from early to advanced stage. It is important for patients to have access to a wide variety of treatment options, and experts who will recommend the best treatment for you. While immunotherapy is still a newer form of treatment, it can be beneficial in giving the immune system the best chance it has to fight off the cancer.

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