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Celebrating 70 Years of Volunteering

The Wood County Hospital family would like to thank  the hundreds of volunteers that donate their time and talent to support our efforts in serving our community for the past 70 years.

Shortly after the hospital opened, over 800 volunteers formed the Wood County Hospital (WCH) Guild. Members of the Guild volunteered their services at the hospital, serving as “Gray Ladies,” assisting with gardening, housekeeping, social services, public relations and sewing. A service cart  was introduced and taken to patient rooms offering food, gifts and toys. The cart remained in service until a few years ago.

In the early 1970s, volunteers formed the Wheeled Meals program. WCH dietary staff continue to prepare these meals that are delivered by volunteers to home-bound residents in Bowling Green. 

Lifeline, an emergency response system for people who live alone, was established by volunteers in the 1980s. Volunteers are trained and assist with installations yet today.

In the 1990s, volunteers were being placed in the Surgical Waiting Room, delivering interdepartmental mail, and helping at the Welcome Center. Home and garden tours utilized hundreds of volunteers as the community came together. Today, volunteers plan and staff the Guild fundraiser “Hops & Vines.”

Volunteers continue to play a significant role at WCH. Their gift of time is extremely valuable and appreciated. The fundraising efforts by volunteers have been essential in helping the hospital in many ways.

Wood County Hospital is made better through the efforts and impacts made by its volunteers.

Thank you to the over 250 volunteers that serve our community hospital each year!

2021 Volunteers

Vicki Allen 

Roger Anderson 

Deb Apple 

Karen Apple 

Linda Arps

Margaret Arton 

Jo Ascunce 

Kloe Atwood 

Cindy Bechstein 

Christy Besozzi 

Sharon Biggins 

Jean Blechschimdt 

Peggy Boren 

Zachary Bowling 

Hannah Brose 

Logan Brown 

Deb Busdeker 

Pattie Jo Butler 

Bob Callecod 

Joan Callecod 

Roman Carek 

Pat Carmen 

Jere Carr 

Lillian Chamberlain 

Doris Christensen 

Connie Clark 

Edna Clemans 

George Clemans 

Lessie Cochran 

Diane Collins 

Joe Cranny 

Peg Cranny 

Jane Culpepper 

Jean Daly 

Andrea Depinet 

Helen Dermer 

Coann Ducat 

Linda Duda 

Tony Duda 

Lou Dunipace 

Becky Dunn

Linda Ernsthausen 

Pat Evans 

Jan Finn 

Sandy Fisher 

Linda Frizzell 

Mary Frobose 

Mary Jane Fulcher 

Sandy Gill 

Diane Goebel 

Sharon Gonyer 

Elaine Goodwin 

Joyce Gordon 

Anne Graves 

Ethel Green 

Calista Jo Grogan 

Sue Guhl 

Mary Gwin 

Joyce Hackworth 

Linda Hamilton 

Camille Harris 

Barb Hedlund 

Dylan Hefner 

Doris Hille 

Cathy Horger 

Judy Hudson 

Marjorie Huff 

Scotty Huntington 

Gloria lnstone 

Jackie lnstone 

Elayne Jacoby 

Joe Jacoby 

Doloris James 

Todd Jimison 

Anthony (Tony) Kaufman 

Laura Keller 

Sue Kerr 

Jan Kiehl 

Flo Klopfenstein 

Nada Knauss 

Tim Keogan 

Kathy Korducki 

Randye Kreischer 

Patricia Kritzar 

Laurie Kuehner 

Pat Kuhl 

Linda Kuhn 

Susan Kurfess 

Len Lepper 

Sandy Lepper 

Al Lewis 

Sharon Libby 

Stephen Libby 

Robert Lince 

Teresa Linholm 

Lyn Long 

Nancy Loomis 

Kathy Lugabihl 

Jan Marcin 

Tina Martini 

Carole Matthews 

Darlene Mauk 

Michelle Maurer 

Amijo Mayberry 

Shirley McGeein 

Don Mears 

Daniel Mellen

Sue Mercer 

Anne Merrill 

Caroline Messersmith 

Linda Meyer 

Jane Milbrodt 

Tom Milbrodt 

Bev Miner 

Bob Miner 

Martha Moon 

Eric Myers 

Linda Myers 

Beth Nagel 

Debbie Newlove 

Dick Newlove 

Chris Nickey 

Terri Oddo 

Ann Otley 

Marilyn Pahl 

Brandy Rahm 

Anna Reed 

Beth Ricard 

Marvalene Ricard

Steve Ricard 

Marilyn Riewaldt 

Steve Riewaldt

Alan Rife

Howard Roberts

Sue Rock

Shirley Rollo

Shirley Rose

Linda Ruhe 

Mary Ellen Ryan 

Barbara Sanchez 

Jane Schimpf 

Dale Schmidt 

Donna Schmidt 

Carolyn Schneider

Sandy Schneider

Joy Sidwell

Rob Silver

Julie Sink

Sid Sink

Colleen Smith 

Deb Smith 

Gloria Snyder 

John Spatafore

Linda Spitler 

Bob Spitler 

Pat Stack 

Nancy Sugden 

Rachel Suzor 

Joanne Tennison 

Julie Thayer 

Kim Thomas 

Sheila Thurairatnam

Rae Thomson 

Anne Tracy 

Emma Tuck 

Cindy Tyrrell 

Jo Vernon 

Jan Vollmar 

Beverly Walczak 

Carolyn Waltz 

Donna Whalen 

Judy Wilbarger 

Mary K Williams 

Cheryl Windisch 

Susan Winters 

Bonnie Woods 

Jane Wyndham 

Cindy Yeasting 

Ann Yon 

Candice Ziegler

Jane Zwierlein