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BGSU and Wood County Hospital to discuss development of new student health center

Bowling Green State University and Wood County Hospital have announced that they will move forward with discussions on the development of a new student health center.

If an agreement is reached, BGSU will close the current student health center that it operates.

“We look forward to continuing our talks with Wood County Hospital,” said BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey. “The goal is to enhance health care for our students while increasing efficiency. This type of common-sense, public-private partnership benefits our students, our University and our community.”

“Wood County Hospital is thilled to be partnering with BGSU on the development of a new University Health Center,” said Wood County Hospital President Stanley R. Korducki. “This project will continue our history of collaboration on programs that benefit the University and the community. We look forward to having a 21st century facility to support care for the students.”

If talks go as planned, a new health center located on or near the BGSU campus would open in 2013 or 2014.