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Afser Shariff, ENT Physician, on 13abc Marketplace


Tonsillectomy Procedures - Dr. Afser Shariff poster

Afser Shariff, MD, with Wood County ENT Physicians, was on a 13abc Marketplace segment on Wednesday, April 5th, and he discussed the newest and safest technique to remove tonsils.

Dr. Shariff explained how the technology used to perform tonsillectomies has entirely changed. The tonsils are removed or shrank using concentrated sound waves. This method allows the rest of the throat to be preserved in its natural state because the sound waves focus on the problem areas only.

This new way of performing a tonsillectomy is much less invasive with a faster healing process; it causes less bleeding and scarring and is not as painful or risky as previous procedures. He also mentions that adults often think they are too old for a tonsillectomy, but this would often help with snoring or sleep apnea problems.