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Advancements in Cancer Care at the Maurer Family Cancer Care Center

In the realm of cancer care, the Maurer Family Cancer Care Center stands out with cutting-edge technology, access to the most advanced therapies and personalized, compassionate treatment.    

Led by a team of certified cancer specialists, the center has used the power of modern medical advancements to provide patients with the best possible chance of overcoming cancer. Utilizing the most advanced radiation therapy equipment, the center offers precise tumor targeting while minimizing damage to healthy surrounding tissues. This level of precision allows for reduced, shorter treatments, allowing many patients to maintain an active life during therapy. 

The center leverages relationships with national cancer institutes and the latest immune system therapies to offer a diverse range of treatment options tailored to individual patients’ needs. Patients can also gain access to FDA-approved clinical trials, presenting an opportunity to be at the forefront of medical developments.  

To further the personal care at the center, the Lung Cancer Navigation Program was introduced. This program serves as a support system for patients navigating the complexities of a cancer diagnosis. Guided by a dedicated nurse navigator and experienced physicians, this program helps patients overcome common barriers such as financial challenges, fear and lack of understanding of the healthcare system.  

Dedicated to improving patient outcomes and a strong focus on personalized care, the Center instills hope in those navigating the challenging journey of cancer. Patients can trust their team of specialists. Beyond even medical cancer treatment, the center connects patients to vital areas such as dietetics, social work, rehabilitation and patient benefits, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the entire treatment journey.  

For those seeking exceptional cancer care close to home, the Maurer Family Cancer Care Center offers a promise of the most advanced treatments close to home so you can keep living your life. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call (419) 354-3185.