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3 Tips For Choosing A Primary Care Physician

When it comes to selecting a primary care physician, it can be a crucial decision. As the doctor you will visit for most medical needs and the doctor who will answer most of your health questions, your primary care physician will play an important role in you and your family’s lives.



Below are some tips for choosing a primary care physician.


Check Your “In-Network” List Of Doctors


You will likely be visiting your primary physician more often than any other doctor, so you will want to ensure they are in your insurance’s network. Over the course of time, choosing an “in-network” doctor will save you a significant amount of money in out of pocket costs. “In-network” doctors will allow you to take advantage of special rates and discounts that have been negotiated by your insurance provider.


Determine Any Specific Needs


When choosing a primary care physician, you should also consider special health needs you and your family may have and look for a doctor that can provide for those needs. There are several types of primary care doctors with varying specialties and your needs will determine which is best for you.


If you have children, you will most likely be looking for a Family Practice, as these offices treat patients of all ages. For those without children and special disease management needs, Internal Medicine physicians are an option to consider, as they specialize in the management of disease and chronic conditions.


Plan A Visit


Research can tell you a lot about a primary care physician, meeting a person face to face and visiting a facility in person is the best way to find a perfect fit. During your visit, you will want to take note of the office itself, the staff and the physician. You will also want to discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking with the doctor to make sure you are comfortable with the treatments they suggest.


Your primary care physician needs to be someone you can trust, and because this will most likely be a long-term relationship, you will want to weigh these factors when determining who to choose.