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Pain Management

The latest techniques to improve your quality of life

Pain & Spine Management

Our experts work together to find the source of your chronic pain due to injury or degenerative conditions. You will benefit from the insights and expertise of a comprehensive clinical team.  

Our expert physician, Dr. Joseph Atallah, who is fellowship trained in pain management or advanced practice clinicians, will assess your condition on your first visit and coordinate your overall care.  

Dr. Atallah leads a team of pain management experts who will provide personalized care coordination along with physical therapists, surgical specialists, radiologists, mental health professionals, psychologists, chiropractors and dietitians - each who specializes in spine disorders and injuries to restore you to maximum function.  

Our program utilizes the latest techniques in pain management interventions, physical therapy and other treatments to improve your quality of life. 

Relief is a phone call away

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Team of Providers

Holly was able to get back to running again when she thought there was no hope. Watch her story here. 

Pain and Spine Management - Holly Cummings Testimonial

Looking for a Primary Care Provider?

Mickey Frame, D.C.

Mickey Frame, D.C.

Falcon Health Primary Care Center


Brad Everly, M.D.

Brad Everly, M.D.

Deshler Family Practice


Sarath Palakodeti, D.O.

Sarath Palakodeti, D.O.

Independence Health General Surgery

(419) 728-0640