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Medical Services

The latest advancements in cancer treatment

Maurer Family Cancer Care Center

Conveniently located in the medical office building attached to the hospital for easy access, the Maurer Family Cancer Care Center is designed for comfort, healing and hope.  

Radiation therapy treatment room features:   

  • Large virtual skylight and four virtual windows surround patients in a tranquil tropical environment  
  • Patient-controlled stereo music system


Medical oncology infusion center features:   

  • Reclining lounge chair and charging station for a laptop or tablet for each patient  
  • Two walls of windows encourage relaxation during chemotherapy treatments  
  • Drinks and a variety of snacks  
  • Private patient parking lot  

Technology to compete with major cancer centers  

The Maurer Family Cancer Care Center offers state-of-the-art technology, including the Varian True Beam System 2.0 Linear Accelerator with 6 degrees of freedom couch capabilities and specialized cones tailored for Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Additionally, it features Ohio's inaugural Toshiba Aquilion large-bore CT scanner. This multi-million dollar investment in cutting-edge equipment empowers our dedicated team of radiation therapy specialists with capabilities to design and deliver optimal, customized treatments for each patient.

The Maurer Family Cancer Care Center also introduced Ohio's first Varian TrueBeam 2.0 linear accelerator and Toshiba Acquilion large-bore CT scanner, enabling precise targeting of tumors while sparing healthy tissue. The CT scanner generates a 4D video of the treatment area to formulate a precise, customized treatment plan. With the TrueBeam system, radiation can be focused directly on the tumor, minimizing side effects on surrounding healthy organs.

Additionally, the center employs non-invasive Respiratory Gating (RPM) and Optical Monitoring Surface Systems (OSMS) for continuous monitoring of a patient's tumor position, ensuring the utmost precision in treatment delivery.

You can be assured, you will be the highest and most advanced level of cancer treatment at The Maurer Family Cancer Care Center.